PI Behavioral Assessment Frequently Asked Questions from HR professionals

PI Behavioral Assessment FAQs – HR edition                                                                                       

In this guide, you will find the most commonly asked questions from HR professionals about the PI Behavioral Assessment. Exploring questions such as if someone can “cheat” the assessment or how much time should the taker be given to complete it, we’ll find out which are the most helpful answers in any of the usual situations faced when using the PI Behavioral Assessment in our organization. You can read them all by downloading the pdf below.

PI Behavioral Assessment – FAQS HR edition

Open invitation

Invite by Link: Sending PI Behavioral Assessments.

In this page, you will find a short 2:26 minute video where we’ll explore in detail the Open Invitation Link method that will help you to send an invitation link to the people you may need without having to introduce the personal details of each one.

While “Invite by Email” is the most common method of sending out behavioral assessments, the PI Software has multiple links available that allow you to easily assess candidates/employees in specific ways.

Managing an open invitation link


Introducing an assessment into your organization

How you introduce an assessment into your organization can determine its success or failure.

In this quick-to-read article you will find 4 interesting tips from The Predictive Index to ensure success in the introduction of any assessment into your organization. Communication is critical, especially when introducing something new and that is why being honest, answering any questions, managing resistance correctly and creating a common language can be key to success. If you want to know more, download the following article in pdf format.

Job Calculator

The Job Calculator: A benchmark of behavioral needs for hundreds of jobs.

In this page you will find a quick and easy-to-use tool that, gathering data from almost one million Job Assessments, will show you which are the 3 reference profiles most commonly looked for in the most hired roles around the world. This interesting PI benchmarking information will help any Recruiter and HR specialist understand what thousands of Hiring managers, from all sectors, request in terms of behavioral needs for the roles they are hiring today.

Job Calculator



Reference Profiles

The Reference Profiles: a behavioral map for different types of people.

In this page, you will find a list of the 17 Reference Profiles that will lead you to a powerful overview of each one of them. This overview includes the reference profile main characteristics, how they act when on a team, how to manage someone with that reference profile and a short 5 minute video with the reference profile highlights, including: needs and behaviors, strenghts and challenges, decision making style and communication style.

17 Reference Profiles



PI Readback

PI Readback: a powerful lever in professional development

In this brief guide, you will find resources and step-by-step guidelines to give a PI feedback that provides real insight into the development of the people in our organization. At the end of the guide you will find a readback preparation form that you can download in .pdf format.

PI Readback